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Classical Bodybuilding - Women's Fitness - Health & Nutrition Coaching

Classical Bodybuilding - Women's Fitness - Health & Nutrition Coaching

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Bill Phillipbar

November 04, 2019

Learn so much from Lex in fitness and martial arts!... Read More

Jasmin Rivera

November 04, 2019

I have been working with lex over a month now and I can definitely say that I have seen a change in body and mentality. Now I live a more healthy fit life thanks to all the knowledge and work he has put me through! If you are looking to make a change in your life for the better, definitely give lex a call. You won’t regret it 🤘🏻... Read More

Jonathan Hill

November 04, 2019

Lex looks scary and that’s exactly what I was looking for. ;) I’ve only been with him 3 weeks, but I’m super happy with my progress. He pushes you hard, but you’ll get the point where it’s almost all self-motivation. Most importantly, he pays attention to your needs as a client. I’ve got high blood pressure and sometimes he’ll stop me even when I’m i... Read More

Billy Garner

November 04, 2019

Lex is legit and genuinely cares about the success of his students. I have been sitting at a desk for >11 years with very little physical activity. Lex's methods account for this while still pushing you to set new limits for yourself and keeping you accountable. I initially signed for 3 months but I like working with him so I will be signing for another 3 months. Thank you, Lex!... Read More

Richard Nguyen

November 04, 2019

First time ever getting a personal trainer but Lex definitely set the bar high. Great guy that has both experience and knowledge in the art of fitness. I would definitely recommend anyone who’s looking to start a journey or even transitioning from a different style of fitness to check him out. To be honest be prepared to WORK because he will definitely gauge where you’re at and make yo... Read More

Sequena Williams

November 04, 2019

Revolutionary experience. He truly helped me get stronger, and achieve a goal I didn’t know was possible after my stroke. His skills were superior to any physical therapist I’ve ever been to.... Read More

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What Makes Ronin Fitness DFW Unique?

We're changing the lives of ordinary men and women from across the Dallas-Fort Worth area with a personalized approach to fitness.

Personal Training near Richardson


Training at Ronin Fitness DFW will promote a healthy heart, a stronger body, and better endurance. When working out one-on-one with a personal trainer, you'll revolutionize your fitness and your life.

Personal Training near Richardson

Resistance & Strength Training

Everyone trains differently, but at Ronin Fitness DFW, we use proven methods for strengthening your mind, body, and spirit. Get real results and feel better in everyday life when you join our squad and start training!

Personal Training near Richardson

Injury Prevention

People sometimes think of strength training as a way to get hurt, but in reality, training intelligently actually reduces your risk of injury and keeps your body primed, fit, and ready for action.

Personal Training near Richardson

Nutrition & Weight Management

There are a million different fad diets out there, but when it comes to getting real results, it's a lot more straightforward than you might think. Our team will help you get the fuel your body needs to produce real results.

Richardson's Premier Fitness Center

We aren't your ordinary gym. Our mission is to give back to our community by enriching the lives of our members through holistic lifestyle practices -- overcome stress, banish anxiety, and transform both your life and your fitness through one-on-one training methods. Everyone in Richardson has a unique story -- that's why we take you through individual assessments focused on the body, but also incorporate mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, and a wealth of other factors into our specialized training plan... so that you can get real results with an old school, additive-free approach. 

Our personal training methods will help you lose weight, gain strength, and become the best possible version of yourself. Get an efficient workout, focused on fat loss and conditioning and torching calories, and get the best workout possible in an environment where you'll be safe and supported.

From serious athletics to simply being able to enjoy running around the yard with your children, we're here to help. Join the Ronin Fitness DFW and discover a fitness solution that will deliver real results, connect you with an incredible community, and give you the motivation and accountability you need to find lasting success.

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Take advantage our personal training, fitness, and health coaching programs at Ronin Fitness DFW -- we'll help you reclaim your confidence and revitalize your fitness.

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